[Openstack-i18n] Call for vote: translation importing policy

Łukasz Jernaś deejay1 at srem.org
Wed Sep 25 09:20:39 UTC 2013

Question about the second question:
are those translations imported into Transifex? If so, answer to
question 1 pretty much decides. If not IMHO they should be imported
and go under question 1 rules. The second question is only valid (IMO
of course) if there's no language coordinator...


On Wed, Sep 25, 2013 at 11:03 AM, Ying Chun Guo <guoyingc at cn.ibm.com> wrote:
> Hi, team
> We are just before the translation importing, and we haven't gotten a
> consensus to the importing policy.
> Let's do a vote then.
> The vote will be opened for 24 hours.
> I only open this vote to i18n mail list yet.
> But I will publish the vote results to public mail list and ask for
> comments.
> The result of this vote will be used for Havanna RC1.
> If we got strong opposition from the public mail list,
> we still have chance to change it in Havanna RC2 and Havanna offical
> release.
> Please let us know your opinion.
> -------------------------------------------------
> 1. Which importing policy do you choose? (the policy to be used to import
> translations from Transifex to Horizon )
> a> 100% translated
> b> 50% translated, ( or you can specify another percentage number )
> c> language coordinator decided
> d> All languages in Transifex
> e> others ____________
> 2. Whether to keep the old translations in Horizon?
> (There are some old translation po/mo files in Horizon.
> They are old version. Most of them are not completed. )
> a> Yes
> b> No
> Regards
> Ying Chun Guo (Daisy)
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