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Hi all,

Please find my comments inline.

Can you coordinate which languages should be contained in the repo?

On Mon, Sep 23, 2013 at 3:54 PM, Ying Chun Guo
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> Hi, Akihiro
> See my answers below.
> Regards
> Ying Chun Guo (Daisy)
> Akihiro Motoki <amotoki at gmail.com <javascript:;>> wrote on 2013/09/23
>> Hi all,
>> We discussed the criteria of importing Horizon translation for Havana RC1
>> and agreed that we will import only 100% translations at the last
>> I18N meeting.
>> I have several questions to clarify.
>> What do you think? I would like to know opinions from I18N team?
>> (1) What is 100% translated?
>>     Does 100% mean that all **three** resources (Horizon, Horizon
>> JavaScript,
>>     OpenStack Dashboard) are completed?
> I think, our goal is to translated the web UI.
> The log messages are not included.
> Completely translating all the strings displayed in the web UI should be
> regarded
> as 100% translation.
> If all the three resources will be displayed in web UI, all of them should
> be included.

It is hard to distinguish user visible strings from log messages on
It depends on each language coordinators?
Luckily enough, by grepping the code, there are only a few log messages
marked as translatable,
It means it doesn't matter much.

>> (2) Do we remove translations not completed (<100%) from Horizon repo?
>>     RC1 release is created from the repo. This means that if we don't
>> remove
>>     them non-completed translations will be shipped in RC1.
> I prefer to remove.
> I'd like to hear others opinion.
> Will users use partly translated dashboard?
> If users won't use, I think there is no concerns to remove uncompleted
> translation.

I would like to follow the community decision.

I agree it is a good start line to remove non 100% translated languages
from the repo.
However IMO partly translated dashboard is still useful for some languages.
If a language coordinator/translator requests to include it, it is worth
even if it is not 100% translated.
I saw a similar opinion from a Dutch translator in the general list

>> (3) What should the language list of the user preference form be?
>>     I believe the default language list is important.
>>     - All 100% translated languages should be listed.
>>       Some languages needs to be added.
>>     - Non 100% translated languages should be removed or listed?
>>       If so what is the criteria? Over 50% on Transifex?
> I prefer to list the languages Horizon supports, i.e. those languages
> po/mo files packaged with Horizon.

Fair enough. Agree.

> But the list should be easily added or customized.
> If some people want to provide their own language version after Havana
> release, they can easily change the language list,
> add their po files and mo files. They don't need to depend on the formal
> release.

Yes, Users can customize the language list by editing OpenStack Dashboard
setting files (settings.py).
Note that OpenStack Dashboard has two settings files: settings.py and
local_settings.py contains configuration parameters which users usually
configure, and
settings.py contains parameters which are less required to configure.


>> I would like to take care of importing translation into Horizon repo
>> as a Horizon core member.
>> Thanks,
>> Akihiro Motoki <amotoki at gmail.com <javascript:;>>
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