[Openstack-i18n] Results of the meeting with Transifex

Stefano Maffulli stefano at openstack.org
Fri Nov 22 18:34:29 UTC 2013

hello all,

I met with Transifex CEO yesterday as a follow up to the i18n tools and
processes session in Hong Kong. As we agreed, I let them know that we're
not happy with their decision to stop developing the Open Source version
of Transifex and that because of that we've decided to look into
alternatives for the medium term. For the short term we're still going
to use Transifex, therefore the meeting was to understand how we can get
some features we need.

Below are some notes from the meeting. I have put Daisy in touch with
Dimitris so they can talk directly from now on. I'm waiting for Dimitris
to send us an estimate of the costs for the enterprise features that the
i18n team needs. We'll keep the conversation going once we get that



- Openstack interested in Sharing Teams and Reports/Analytics on

- Transifex will have a member of its team to handle OpenStack questions.

Questions from OpenStack team

- How are PO files merged when translated offline and online at the same
time. Requested docs from Tx team. Dimitris notes that with time more
and more translators will work online.

- In-context for docs: Need a way to see the text with the images for
QA. Transifex is working on new technologies which will fully support this.

- Managing multiple versions of a product. Dimitris shared 3 ways, best
one was:

  Have one Project on Tx which is rolling release. When a maintenance
version needs to be released, create a separate project temporarily. If
the two projects share teams, TM, Glossary and have "Auto-fill 100%
matches from Translation Memory" it will work great.

  Drawing: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lyjulmut1qtr5n6/IMG_20131121_123037.JPG

- Add support to login via OpenID: Doable.

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