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Ying Chun Guo guoyingc at cn.ibm.com
Wed Nov 13 08:56:11 UTC 2013

Hi, all

The openstack summit was held last week.
There were 4 sessions in total related with OpenStack I18n.
I had chances to discuss with Doc team, Oslo team, Infra team and release
management team about I18n tools and processes.
I got very positive results.
It turns out that leaders in OpenStack community think I18n as a very
important area ( which is great ).
I summarize what happened in the summit here.

1. Publishing translated documentation

The translated document publish process was discussed in this session.
The decision was to have two servers to publish translated documents:
official server and staging server.
The official server will be used to publish the well translated documents.
Staging server will be used to host the ongoing translated documents, which
will help the review process.

2. Translation tools and scripts

This discussion was held to decide whether we went away from Transifex
(because of some well known reasons,
if you don't know, please contact me) and moved to another translation
After comparing with several famous translation platforms, we figured out
Transifex was the best one till now.
As Transifex won't trun off in a short time, we will continue to use
At the same time, we will contact Transifex as well as other translation
tool communities, to raise the feature
requirements and see how they can satisfy us. Then we make decision in
several months.

3. I18n policies of messages

This session was to discuss the messages translation policies.
The result was to separate messages ( log messages, API response messages,
and etc ) into different po files,
and let translation teams/coordinators to decide the translation
Another result was to introduce message IDs to log messages, which will
enable searching and bug diagnosis
if log messages are not in English. (It's a great change from the software
architecture view.)

4. Icehouse release schedule & coordination

I had chance to explain our translation process with "big guys" in
Openstack community.
This session is more related with messages translation than documents
In a release cycle, message translations will be continuously imported into
git repository.
At last, the translation teams can decide which languages should be shipped
with release.
(None translation team supported languages will be removed.)

Havana was called a conclusion, and Icehouse was just kicked off.
We shall also make our plans in this release cycle.

I have the following items in my mind:

1. Publish Japanese operation guide in the website.
Operation guide in other languages are welcomed too.
For translation teams, if you have plans to translate, please let me know.
We can figure out a reasonable plan for the translation work.

2. Re-organize the I18n wiki page.
Clearly list our team structure.
I plan to use "I18n team" and "L10n teams" to manage.
I18n team will be responsible for OpenStack I18n, which means to help
OpenStack to become a software
that can be localized. I18n includes setting up translation process,
changing code infrastructure, and so on.
L10n teams will be responsible for OpenStack L10n, including translation
and localization.
People can join both I18n team and his/her L10n team. People can join only
1 team also.
The wiki page shall list clearly these information.
Here are good samples: https://l10n.gnome.org/teams/  and

3. Use Launchpad to manage bugs and blueprints.
Find a way to track the contributors.
If we are not able to track them automatically, let's track them manually.
Coordinators please help to track the contributors to your language
At least, remember and display their names.

4. Enable translation function in MediaWiki
If we want to translate wiki page, we will use the translation function in
MediaWiki itself to manage.

5. Separate log messages into different po files & enable messages IDs
This work may need more developers to join.

6. Contact with Transifex, Pootle, Zanata, TranslationWiki to raise feature

7. Set up staging server for translated document review.

8. Continue translations in documents and messages.

Surely I'm not able to do all these works myself and I need all kinds of
If you are suggests/comments to these items, please speak out.
If you are interested in some, please sign up.
Let's start the discussion in the mailing list.

We missed 1 IRC meeting because of the summit.
We will have next IRC meeting next week on Nov 21th.
At that time, hope we can have a clear plan at that time.

Ying Chun Guo (Daisy)
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