[OpenStack-docs] [install-guide] Meeting notes, 30 June 2015

Karin Levenstein karin.levenstein at RACKSPACE.COM
Tue Jun 30 13:37:44 UTC 2015

Attendees: Alexander Adamov, Matt Kassawara, Karin Levenstein

QUESTION: Right now we're meeting on Tuesdays at 1300 UTC, and attendance has been thin. If you're involved in install guide stuff, please let me know what might be a better date/time for you. We may switch to alternating meeting times, or some similar scheduling.

RST conversion status update
Conversion has begun; refer to the migration page for signups and patches currently in flight.

Scheduling an RST conversion sprint
Matt reports: Anita Kuno had a suggestion at the recent Neutron meetup for a remote 1-2 day sprint of concentrated activity on the install guide conversion, so that we can get it done and start adding new content.
ACTION: Matt to talk to Anita and get more ideas for how we can do this.
ACTION: Once we have a plan, Karin to schedule. Suggestions for dates welcome. (Note that Karin will be unavailable July 10-17)

Update on Debian
New patch set update out for review: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/191074/
We had a discussion about the Debconf chapter, which is intended to address Debian-specific installation processes. Matt expressed concerns that Debconf as currently documented results in config different to the results that following the main install guide steps would create. We may need to keep in mind that successfully documenting and testing Debconf may affect not just the content of the install guide, but also the Debconf packages.

Guide architecture change for Liberty
At the Neutron meetup that Matt attended last week, there was discussion about dropping nova-net and standardizing Neutron on Linux bridge rather than OVS.
The plan that came out of the meeting: changing networking architecture from nova-net/Neutron OVS to: provider networking (connect VMs to network) with Linux Bridge; standard tenant network w/ Linux bridge and not OVS. All distros will have to support this.
This will not be addressed in the install guide until the RST conversion is complete.
ACTION: Matt to add this information to install guide spec so that it can be captured in the planning for Liberty.

Karin K. Levenstein
Manager, Rackspace Private Cloud Documentation, US
karin.levenstein at rackspace.com
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