[OpenStack-docs] [install-guide] Meeting notes, 2 June 2015

Karin Levenstein karin.levenstein at RACKSPACE.COM
Tue Jun 2 13:51:11 UTC 2015

Attendees: Karin Levenstein, Lana Brindley, Andreas Jaeger, Matt Kassawara, Harry Sutton

Ubuntu: testing largely done; if there's anything else, can be covered by standard bug fixes
RHEL/CentOS/Fedora: Matt has been testing CentOS and RHEL and Bernd is also planning to do so; Christian looking into Fedora 22
SUSE/SLES: Harry tested and ran into a known bug; will re-try
Generally: mostly looks good, should be ready to cut stable/kilo soon

Spec work in progress. Karin seeking more technical info for the spec about how conditionals are done in RST to include in the spec.
Andreas suggests simplifying the conditionals; instead of a condition tag per OS, we should narrow it down to three groups: Fedora-like, Ubuntu-like, SUSE-like. Exact names TBD. (Suggestions welcome.)
Debian remains dropped until the RST conversion is complete. Further details and discussion about how Debian will be managed going forward are pending.

ops:docs:install-guide tag
This tag will be applied to projects by the user committee to indicate whether the project has adequate installation documentation. For example, nova would get this tag, but a new project would not until the install process was documented.
Recommend reviewing the spec and commenting to ensure that docs team standards for quality and compliance are congruent with the committee's.

Karin K. Levenstein
Team Lead, Rackspace Private Cloud Documentation, US
karin.levenstein at rackspace.com

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