[Openstack-docs] [Doc] This week in Docs 9/12/12

Anne Gentle anne at openstack.org
Wed Sep 12 19:54:53 UTC 2012

Wow, we went from 34 High folsom-targeted doc bugs two weeks ago to 17
on Monday. Great work everyone. I think there might be something to
this community documentation thing. :-P Tom Fifield and Ying Chun Guo
(Daisy) are tearing it up with reviews and patches!

Still over 100 doc bugs (some are tasks) to be worked. Here's the
summary for this week.

1. In review and merged this past week:
Object Storage API dev guide now contains object versioning and static
web information.
Add swift name_check filter to docs.
Add retry host cost weight function to scheduler docs.
Remove ArchFilter, adds ImagePropertiesFilter.
Extended section on overloading ldap attrs.
Add GET (show) to OS API keypairs extension docs.
Add the network association api docs.
Add Network creation to OS API docs.

Reviews still needed:
The Compute extensions for createBackup, os-migrateLive, and
os-resetState api for api.openstack.org.
The CLI user guide has been updated with Quantum information.
A glossary has been added that now builds properly.

2. High priority doc work:
Please pick up a bug from this list:

I'd like to get the tested samples that are going into nova into
the api.openstack.org site, can someone help with that?

Quantum is working diligently on their API guide and Admin guide so
you can install and run Quantum. Sounds like lots of people want this,
I'd like the focus on the official docs, but unoffficial docs are fine
too of course.

3. Doc work going on that I know of:
I'm working on new landing pages and navigation for the docs and api
sites. Please take a look at https://review.openstack.org/#/c/11232/
to see the work in progress.
David Hendler is working with John Griffith to finalize a Volume API
developer guide (a spec, more or less).
Bug fixes and more bug fixes. We're still at 111 doc bugs, all have
been reviewed and triaged, so jump in.

4. New incoming doc requests:
Need help with https://review.openstack.org/#/c/12214/ on the CI
puppet scripts to get the Image API 2.0 draft published.

5. Doc tools updates:
Think these are the doc tools bugs that the tools team is working on
this sprint:

6. Other doc news:
We've got two proposals for the Documentation Track at the Design
Summit and I'd like more! Please propose at

I've done a summary spreadsheet of what API docs live where at
titled OpenStack API Docs - What lives where? It should be a good
reference for which specs have what types of information (WADL? XSD?
DocBook? Markdown? RST?) all answers are here.

We met this week for our monthly doc meeting.
Summary: http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/doc_web_meeting/2012/doc_web_meeting.2012-09-10-20.01.html

Meeting Log: http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/doc_web_meeting/2012/doc_web_meeting.2012-09-10-20.01.log.html


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