[neutron][security-sig] Please revisit your open vulnerability reports

Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Mon May 10 16:04:25 UTC 2021

Please help the OpenStack Vulnerability Management Team by taking a
look at the following reports:

    Anti-spoofing bypass using Open vSwitch (CVE-2021-20267)

    Neutron RBAC not working for multiple extensions

    tenant isolation is bypassed if port admin-state-up=false

    non-IP ethertypes are permitted with iptables_hybrid firewall

    RA Leak on tenant network

    Anti-spoofing bypass

Can these be exploited by a nefarious actor, and if so, how? Are
they likely to be fixable in all our supported stable branches,
respecting stable backport policy? What deployment configurations
and options might determine whether a particular installation is
susceptible? This is the sort of feedback we depend on to make
determinations regarding whether and how to keep the public
notified, so they can make informed decisions.

Thanks for doing your part to keep our users safe!
Jeremy Stanley
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