[TripleO] Unable to deploy Overcloud Machines

Anirudh Gupta anyrude10 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 27 13:01:36 UTC 2021

Hi Team,

I am trying to deploy TripleO Train with 3 controller and 1 Compute.
For overcloud images, I have a registry server at undercloud only.

I executed the following command to deploy overcloud

openstack overcloud deploy --templates \
    -r /home/stack/templates/roles_data.yaml \
    -e /home/stack/templates/node-info.yaml \
    -e /usr/share/openstack-tripleo-heat-templates/environments/podman.yaml
    -e /home/stack/containers-prepare-parameter.yaml

The command ran for around 1.5 hrs and initially stack got successfully
created and after that for 45 mins, ansible tasks were getting executed. It
then gave following error in overcloud-controller-0

2021-12-27 11:12:27,507 p=181 u=mistral n=ansible | 2021-12-27
11:12:27.506838 | 525400b1-b522-2a06-ea9d-00000000356f |         OK | Debug
output for task: Start containers for step 2 | overcloud-novacompute-0 |
    "changed": false,
    "failed_when_result": false,
    "start_containers_outputs.stdout_lines | default([]) |
union(start_containers_outputs.stderr_lines | default([]))": [
        "Info: Loading facts",
        "Notice: Compiled catalog for overcloud-novacompute-0.localdomain
in environment production in 0.05 seconds",
        "Info: Applying configuration version '1640604309'",
defined content as '{md5}5bb050ca70c01981975efad9d8f81f2d'",
Unscheduling all events on
        "Info: Creating state file /var/lib/puppet/state/state.yaml",
        "Notice: Applied catalog in 0.01 seconds",
        "            Total: 1",
        "          Success: 1",
        "          Changed: 1",
        "      Out of sync: 1",
        "          Skipped: 7",
        "            Total: 8",
        "             File: 0.00",
        "   Transaction evaluation: 0.01",
        "   Catalog application: 0.01",
        "   Config retrieval: 0.09",
        "         Last run: 1640604309",
        "            Total: 0.01",
        "           Config: 1640604309",
        "           Puppet: 5.5.10",

*   "Error executing ['podman', 'container', 'exists',
'nova_compute_init_log']: returned 1",        "Did not find container with
\"['podman', 'ps', '-a', '--filter',
'label=container_name=nova_compute_init_log', '--filter',
'label=config_id=tripleo_step2', '--format', '{{.Names}}']\" - retrying
without config_id",        "Did not find container with \"['podman', 'ps',
'-a', '--filter', 'label=container_name=nova_compute_init_log', '--format',
'{{.Names}}']\"",        "Error executing ['podman', 'container', 'exists',
'create_haproxy_wrapper']: returned 1",        "Did not find container with
\"['podman', 'ps', '-a', '--filter',
'label=container_name=create_haproxy_wrapper', '--filter',
'label=config_id=tripleo_step2', '--format', '{{.Names}}']\" - retrying
without config_id",        "Did not find container with \"['podman', 'ps',
'-a', '--filter', 'label=container_name=create_haproxy_wrapper',
'--format', '{{.Names}}']\""*

I am also attaching ansible.log file for more information.

Note: On Centos 8, there is no docker, so I didn't pass docker-ha.yml

Can someone please help in resolving my issue

Anirudh Gupta
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