[kolla-ansible][cinder] MPIO - how to set "storage_interface" when using two NICs for storage connection

Adam Tomas bkslash at poczta.onet.pl
Thu Dec 23 08:25:18 UTC 2021

Hi again,

I found some informations about MPIO here (https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E78305_01/E78304/html/setup-cinder.html) :
"By default, the Cinder block storage service uses the iSCSI protocol to connect instances to volumes. The iscsid container runs on compute nodes and handles the iSCSI session using an iSCSI initiator name that is generated when you deploy Nova compute services.

The Nova compute service supports iSCSI multipath for failover purposes and increased performance. Multipath is enabled by default (configured with the enable_multipathd property). When multipath is enabled, the iSCSI initiator (the Compute node) is able to obtain a list of addresses from the storage node that the initiator can use as multiple paths to the iSCSI LUN."

But still - how should I set storage_interface, if I have two NICs for storage connection (let’s say eth4 and eth5)? storage_interface=eth4,eth5 ?

Best regards
Adam Tomas

> Hi,
> I’d like to use MPIO in connection to storage array, so I have two physical NIC’s in different VLANS on each node and also 4 NIC’s in the storage array (2 in each storage VLAN) so it should result in 4 MPIO paths from every node (2 paths in each VLAN). But how to set it in kolla-ansible? Can I point to more than one interface using storage_interface variable? Or maybe I should configure it in different way?
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