[cinder] proposing Simon Dodsley for cinder-specs-core

Brian Rosmaita rosmaita.fossdev at gmail.com
Thu Dec 23 03:42:23 UTC 2021

As everyone is painfully aware, we have review bandwidth issues in the 
Cinder project.  I propose to address this issue with respect to cinder 
specs, at least, by adding a contributor who is not currently a 
cinder-core as a member of the cinder-specs-core team.  (Right now, the 
only members of cinder-specs-core are the cinder-core team.)

Simon Dodsley (simondodsley on IRC) has been a cinder contributor for a 
long time, and has been especially active in PTGs and midcycle meetings 
over the past few cycles.  He's done quality reviews, especially of 
specs, this cycle.  As a vendor representative, he brings a useful 
perspective to reviews that affect drivers, as well as general 
deployment and usability issues.  Additionally, given that the current 
core team has reviewing responsibilities spread over multiple 
repositories, having a person focused primarily on specs should help us 
to get more timely feedback for specs proposers.

Finally, don't forget that it is thanks to Simon that the Cinder mascot 
finally has a name ("Argo"), which in turn has given the Cinder team the 
really cool name "The Argonauts".

In the absence of objections, I'll add Simon to the cinder-specs-core 
team shortly after 1500 UTC on Friday 31 December.  Please communicate 
any concerns to me before that time.


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