[Triple0] Unable to pxeBoot overcloud Nodes via ipv6

Lokendra Rathour lokendrarathour at gmail.com
Tue Dec 21 07:45:25 UTC 2021

Hi Team,
we have installed Undercloud with Train release on Centos8 using ipv6 as
loca_ip in undercloud.conf file.
Undercloud seems to be installed successfully and we are able to see IPv6
endpoints as well.
Also, the OpenStack overcloud images are uploaded and well visible on
http://<ipv6>:8088 tftp link.

Problem Statement:
During introspection start, we see that ipv6 is allocated to the node,
further no action is being performed. Please refer the screen attached.
[image: image.png]
As we can see ipv6 bbbb:bbbb:bbbb::9 is allocated to the desired machine.
Furthermore, we see that the link is shown as down for the same mac, which
also becomes up as can be seen but the configuring on that NIC eventually
fails for some reason.
Any idea/inputs on this please?

~ Lokendra
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