[kolla] The impact of CentOS Linux 8 EOL and OpenDev's drop of the respective image

Radosław Piliszek radoslaw.piliszek at gmail.com
Mon Dec 20 19:09:54 UTC 2021


As you may recall, the CentOS Linux 8 (as opposed to CentOS Stream 8)
is reaching its EOL (End Of Life) Dec 31st, 2021 (that is, in eleven
days). [1]
Due to that, the OpenDev team (that hosts kolla's repos and the CI/CD
that we rely on) has decided to drop the EOLed images January 14th,
2022. [2]
This impacts both Kolla and Kolla Ansible in subtle ways - both
operator-wise and contributor-wise.

The EM (Extended Maintenance) branches, Train and Ussuri, in both
projects, rely solely on CentOS Linux 8, the Stream variant is *not*
supported there.
This means that in 2022 we are forced to cease to test these branches
against CentOS Linux 8 (we will still test the two other distros -
Ubuntu and Debian).
Operators are advised to upgrade to Victoria or (preferably) later
(psst, go Xena).

Furthermore, CentOS Linux 8 is currently supported in Victoria but
this support will also end naturally with 2022 on the horizon.
Operators are advised to migrate to CentOS Stream 8 and images based on it.

[1] https://www.centos.org/centos-linux-eol/
[2] http://lists.opendev.org/pipermail/service-announce/2021-December/000029.html

Kind regards,

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