[neutron][ovn] VLAN Ranges

Ammad Syed syedammad83 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 15 21:19:23 UTC 2021


I am using neutron xena release with OVN. I have currently defined the vlan
range "network_vlan_ranges = vlannet1:3500:3600" in ml2_conf.ini.

I have set bridge mapping via ovs with the below command.

ovs-vsctl set open . external-ids:ovn-bridge-mappings=vlannet1:br-vlan

Now I have to add a new vlan range. Can anyone confirm the syntax of
ml2_conf.ini and bridge mapping.

network_vlan_ranges = vlannet1:3500:3600,vlannet2:300:400

ovs-vsctl set open .

Need to confirm the correct way to add new vlan range if the server is
currently live ? Can we use the same bridge with two different mapping i.e
vlannet1 and vlannet2 ?

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