[tripleo] Initial plans around stable/wallaby branch on CentOS Stream 9

Chandan Kumar chkumar at redhat.com
Mon Dec 13 09:52:21 UTC 2021


The tripleo-ci team is working on drafting the plans for bootstrapping
tripleo stable/wallaby branch on CentOS Stream 9.

During adding the support of CentOS Stream 9 for tripleo master, we have added
lots of patches for example:
* tripleo-common:
* tripleo-heat-templates:
* https://review.opendev.org/q/%28topic:%2522cs9%2522+OR+hashtag:%2522cs9%2522%29+status:merged+project:openstack/tripleo-ansible

Backporting these patches in chains for stable/wallaby, will create
lots of merge conflicts (few of them are big changes) and might get
RDO wallaby DLRN builder bootstrap has also started.

In order to avoid that, we are coming with following plan:
- Pick the major change and backport that one and add all the
remaining changes in that itself (not a clean backport):
- Make sure these backported changes passed on CentOS-8 CI jobs
- Once the RDO CS9 wallaby packages are available, Start bootstrapping
the container and Image build job on CS9 via testproject.

Let us know your thoughts around this.


Chandan Kumar

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