Glance review party - 2021-12-10T14:00:00Z

Cyril Roelandt cyril at
Tue Dec 7 15:44:30 UTC 2021


On Friday (2021-12-10), at 14:00 UTC, we will have a "review party" for
Glance. The party should last 2 to 3 hours, and the goal will be to
clean the backlogs of glance_store and glanceclient, and try to work on
the glance backlog as well if there is enough time.

If some of your patches are currently in "merge conflict", please rebase
them and make sure the tests pass, which will allow us to review them.

If you think some of your *Glance* patches are a top priority for the
project, please answer this email with a link to them, and we will try
to make time to review them on Friday.

We will be using to coordinate.

Happy Hacking!
Cyril Roelandt

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