[kolla-ansible] Default masakari configuration should evacuate instances across nodes in wallaby?

Rodrigo Lima rodrigo.lima at o2sistemas.com
Fri Dec 3 18:56:02 UTC 2021

I'm working on upgrading an openstack farm from victoria to wallaby. After
successful upgrade, I would like to enable hacluster and masakari to test
HA between failing compute nodes. Everything seems to be running (pacemaker
with the remote nodes OK, corosync without errors, masakari-monitors
detects the 2 compute nodes online), but... when I simulate the failure of
a node with shutdown, the failure and notification appears in the
hostmonitor log, but the instances that were on the failed node don't
evacuate, and I couldn't find documentation that explains how to do this
specific configuration, if necessary. Does anyone have any ideas?
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