python_requires >= 3.8 during Yoga

Jeremy Stanley fungi at
Wed Dec 1 18:34:17 UTC 2021

On 2021-12-01 18:06:47 +0000 (+0000), Braden, Albert wrote:
> I hope and believe that Redhat would continue their contributions
> to the Openstack community if we continued to support Openstack on
> RHEL and dropped support for Centos. 

Just to clear up some misconceptions, what we mean when we say
"support" (from the OpenStack community perspective) is that we test
it upstream:

In that sense, OpenStack does not officially "support" RHEL because
we lack the ability to test it due to licensing challenges. We've
asked on multiple occasions, and been told that running RHEL in
arbitrary public cloud environments driven by automation is not
feasible to license (due to a combination of legalities and
logistics), and is still outside the scope of the "free for
developer use" RHEL license program available today. This is why we
traditionally tested on CentOS as a stand-in for RHEL, rather than
using actual RHEL.

Informally we "support" RHEL in the sense that we'd like users to be
able to run our software on the platform, but we rely on others to
test that's possible since we can't guarantee it ourselves.
Jeremy Stanley
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