[ceilometer][octavia][Victoria] No metrics from octavia loadbalancer

Thomas Goirand zigo at debian.org
Wed Dec 1 14:53:16 UTC 2021

On 12/1/21 12:17 PM, Iain Stott wrote:
> Has anyone had any progress on this? We are currently in the same situation, we can see if loadblancers exists, but unable to see a way to configure the polling agent to poll endpoints like 
> v2/lbaas/loadbalancers/[ID]/stats
> Cheers,
> Iain


We do have loadbalancer stats in our public cloud (ie: on the Infomaniak
public cloud) going from Ceilometer to Gnocchi storage. Customers are
even able to see how many requests are made to the LBs.

Our dynamic pollster:

# cat /etc/ceilometer/pollsters.d/ik_loadbalancer.yaml

- name: "ik_loadbalancer"
  sample_type: "gauge"
  unit: "loadbalancer"
  endpoint_type: "load-balancer"
  url_path: "/loadbalance/v2.0/lbaas/loadbalancers"
  value_attribute: "provisioning_status"
  response_entries_key: "loadbalancers"
  project_id_attribute: "project_id"
    ACTIVE: "1"
    ERROR:  "0"
    - "name"
    - "description"
    - "vip_address"

I hope this helps,

Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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