[cinder] : SAN migration

Gorka Eguileor geguileo at redhat.com
Wed Dec 1 13:58:46 UTC 2021

On 03/11, Gauurav Sabharwal1 wrote:
> Hi Experts ,
> I need some expert advise of one of the scenario, I have multiple isolated
> OpenStack cluster running with train & rocky edition. Each OpenStack
> cluster environment have it's own isolated infrastructure of SAN  ( CISCO
> fabric ) & Storage  ( HP, EMC & IBM).
> Now company planning to refresh their SAN infrastructure. By procuring new
> Brocade SAN switches. But there are some migration relevant challenges we
> have.
>    As we understand under one cinder instance only one typer of FC zone
>    manager is supported . Currently  customer configured & managing CISCO .
>    Is it possible to configure two different vendor FC Zone manager under
>    one cinder instance.


No, it's not currently supported.  As you mention, Cinder only supports
a single zone manager for all the backends from a single cinder-volume
parent process.

But there are things that can be done, like running a second
cinder-volume service with the new Zone Manager configuration.

>    Migration of SAN zoning is supposedly going to be happen offline way
>    from OpenStack point of view. We will be migrating all ports of each
>    existing cisco fabric to Brocade with zone configuration using brocade
>    CLI.    Our main concern is that after migration How  CINDER DB update
>    new zone info & path via Brocade SAN.

When you say that the update is going to happen offline, does it mean
all instances will be shutdowwn and have the cinder volumes detached
from the VMs?

If cinder volumes are detached from instances then everything will be

If volumes are still attached (even if VM is shelved) then it's a
different story, though it should still be doable with the right
procedure.  Though I definitely don't feel comfortable providing the
procedure since I have never done it and would require appropriate
on-site testing.


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