[cinder] monthly video meeting poll results

Brian Rosmaita rosmaita.fossdev at gmail.com
Fri Jul 10 16:11:03 UTC 2020

tl;dr - our first video meeting will be Wednesday 29 July
   connection info will be on the agenda etherpad,

For those who didn't see the poll, this is what it was about:

We're considering holding the Cinder weekly meeting as a video 
conference once each month. It will be the last meeting of each month 
and will take place at the regularly scheduled meeting time (1400 UTC 
for 60 minutes).

Video Meeting Rules:
* Everyone will keep IRC open during the meeting.
* We'll take notes in IRC to leave a record similar to what we have for 
our regular IRC meetings.
* Some people are more comfortable communicating in written English. So 
at any point, any attendee may request that the discussion of the 
current topic be conducted entirely in IRC.

The results:
Do it?
- 50% in favor, 33% in strong favor, 17% don't care, no one opposed.
- 50% yes, 50% don't care
Conferencing software?
- Bluejeans: first choice of 70% of respondents
- Let's work hard to write what we speak!
- people who don't want to be recorded can turn their camera off
- video conference plus IRC is for sure better than IRC only
- Zoom is shady and possibly not appropriate for an open source project 
that wants to welcome contributors from all countries. I think we're 
better off avoiding it.

We'll hold the Cinder weekly meeting for 29 July in BlueJeans *and* IRC 
following the ground rules laid out above, and continue doing the same 
for the last meeting of each month through the end of the Victoria 
cycle.  The meetings will be recorded.

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