How to migrate a vm to a different project?

Sean Mooney smooney at
Thu May 30 09:47:57 UTC 2019

On Thu, 2019-05-30 at 01:24 +0000, Manuel Sopena Ballesteros wrote:
> Dear Openstack community,
> I have one vm under the admin project I would like to migrate to migrate to a different project. Reason is the vm user
> wants to manage it himself. I have created a project and a user/password for that user and now I need to migrate the
> vm.
> I have not been able to find a way to do this, so I was thinking in doing this:
> Create an image from the vm
> Shelve the vm (I don't have more hosts to run it because it has a x4 GPUs attached to it and don't have spare host
> with free resources)
> Create a new vm based on image as the new user/project
> Destroy the shelved vm
> Would this work?
you could achive a similar effect by snapshoting the vm.
deleting the origninal and then creating a new vm form the snapshot.
in either case you will need to share the flavor and image/snapshot with the other users project
and then you can create the new vm.

i assume you chose to shevle the vm and then delete it later so that you could role back if needed?

anyway if you are fine with destroying the original vm and creating a new one form the snapshot
of the vm, and the new project has acess to the correct flavor then yes the workflow you suggest should work.
> Please correct me if there is an easier/safer way of doing this.
> Thank you very much
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