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I'm trying with helm too and I have these node labels:

kubectl label nodes --all openstack-control-plane=enabled
kubectl label nodes --all openstack-compute-node=enabled
kubectl label nodes --all openvswitch=enabled
kubectl label nodes --all linuxbridge=enabled
kubectl label nodes --all ceph-mon=enabled
kubectl label nodes --all ceph-osd=enabled
kubectl label nodes --all ceph-mds=enabled
kubectl label nodes --all ceph-rgw=enabled
kubectl label nodes --all ceph-mgr=enabled

>From kubectl describe pod you are able to see the needed node selector


On Wed, May 29, 2019 at 3:57 PM Akki yadav <yadav.akshay58 at> wrote:

> Hello team,
>     I am running the following command in order to deploy the ingress
> controller:
>     - ./tools/deployment/multinode/
> It makes two pods ingress-error-pages-899888c7-pnxhv and
> ingress-error-pages-899888c7-w5d5b which remains in pending state and the
> script ends after 900 seconds stating in "kubectl describe" that :
>     - Warning  FailedScheduling  60s (x3 over
> 2m12s)  default-scheduler  0/3 nodes are available: 3 node(s) didn't match
> node selector.
> As only default labels are associated with the cluster nodes, do i need to
> add any specific one ? If yes, Please tell me where and how to add the same.
> Please guide me how to resolve this issue.
> Thanks in advance.
> Regards,
> Akshay
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