[neutron][qa] Grenade jobs in check queue

Ghanshyam Mann gmann at ghanshyammann.com
Mon May 27 04:23:49 UTC 2019

 ---- On Sat, 11 May 2019 16:05:05 +0900 Slawomir Kaplonski <skaplons at redhat.com> wrote ----
 > Hi, 
 > In Neutron team we are thinking about limiting a bit number of CI jobs which we are running. 
 > Currently we have e.g. 4 different grenade jobs: 
 > neutron-grenade 

This should go away in the start of U cycle when we will drop the py27 support.

 > grenade-py3 
 > neutron-grenade-multinode 
 > neutron-grenade-dvr-multinode 
 > And jobs grenade-py3 and neutron-grenade-multinode are almost the same (same python version, same L2 agent, same legacy L3 agent, same fw driver). Only difference between those 2 jobs is that one of them is single and one is multinode (2) job. 
 > So I thought that maybe we can use only one of them and I wanted to remove grenade-py3 and left only multinode job in check queue. But grenade-py3 comes from "integrated-gate-py3” template so we probably shouldn’t remove this one. 
 > Can we run only grenade-py3 and drop neutron-grenade-multinode? Or maybe we can change grenade-py3 to be multinode job and then drop neutron-grenade-multinode? 

Making grenade-py3 multinode jobs might cause the issue in other project gates.  IMO, we should keep testing multinode and single node scenario separately.  One thing you can do is not t run the multinode job on gate pipeline, running it on check pipeline only should be enough. 


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