[dev][requirements] Upcoming changes to constraints handling in tox.ini

Dirk Müller dirk at dmllr.de
Wed May 22 06:45:29 UTC 2019

Hi Tony,

Thanks for the write-up.

> 2) Switch to the new canonical constraints URL on master

At the last Denver PTG we also discussed the switch from
UPPER_CONSTRAINTS_FILE environment variable
to TOX_CONSTRAINTS_FILE. As this change and the switch from
would touch the very same line of text in the tox.ini, I would suggest
that we combine that into one review as that is ~ 300 reviews
less to conflict-merge and resolve when both would happen
independently at the same time.

I started the patch series to add TOX_CONSTRAINTS_FILE in addition to
UPPER_CONSTRAINTS_FILE so that lower-constraints
setting looks less odd here:


Would be good to get this in in-time so that requirements team can do
both changes in one review set.


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