[OpenStack][Foreman][MAAS][Juju][Kubernetes][Docker] OpenStack deployment on Bare Metal

Jay See jayachander.it at gmail.com
Tue May 21 15:30:15 UTC 2019


I am trying to deploy OpenStack cloud , before proceeding with deployment I
wanted to take suggestion from people using some of these technologies.

*Setup / plan:* I will be deploying OpenStack cloud using 3 nodes
(servers), later on I will be adding more nodes. I want automatically
install and provision the OS on the new nodes. I want scale up my cloud
with new nodes in near future. If there are any issues in existing
OpenStack, I would like to fix them or patch the fixes without much
trouble. (I might be using wrong terminology - sorry for that)

1. Which tool is better for Bare Metal OS installation?
     I have looked around and found Foremen and MaaS. All the servers we
are going to deploy will be running on Ubuntu (16.04 /18.04 LTS). If you
have any other suggestions please let me know.

2. Do you suggest me to use Juju to deploy the OpenStack or do all the
manual installation for the OpenStack as mentioned in OpenStack
installation guide?

3. I am bit confused about choosing Kubernetes. If I am going with Juju,
can I still use Kubernetes? If yes, if there any documentation please guide
me in right direction.

4. I was thinking of going with OpenStack installation over Kubernetes. Is
this a right decision?
Do I need to do some research between Kubernetes and Docker, find out which
one is better?
Just install OpenStack without any containers.

5. I could not find installation of OpenStack with Kubernetes or Docker. If
you know something, could you share the link?

I don't have bigger picture at the moment. If some tools might help in near
future. or If you can give any other suggestions, please let me know.

Thanks and Best regards,
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