[tc][all] Github mirroring (or lack thereof) for unofficial projects

Adam Spiers aspiers at suse.com
Wed May 15 21:00:55 UTC 2019

Jeremy Stanley <fungi at yuggoth.org> wrote: 
>On 2019-05-15 18:51:10 +0100 (+0100), Adam Spiers wrote: 
>>Also, the understanding I took away from the PTG session was that 
>>there was consensus *not* to archive repos, but rather to ensure that 
>>mirroring and redirects are set up properly.  However I am of course 
>>very willing to be persuaded otherwise. 
>Just to back up Jim's clarification, the idea is to 
>transfer/redirect any repos which request it, and archive the rest. 
>Archival itself is a non-destructive operation anyway, and we should 
>still be able to unarchive and transfer others later if asked. 

Yes, that makes sense.  Thanks both for the replies! 

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