[senlin][zaqar][networking-midonet][networking-odl][vmware-nsx] Neutron-LBaaS retirement warning!

Lajos Katona lajos.katona at ericsson.com
Mon May 13 09:05:56 UTC 2019


This means that stable/stein is the last where these projects can include neutron-lbaas?

Thanks for the heads up.


On 2019. 05. 13. 10:34, Adam Harwell wrote:
As you are hopefully already aware, the Neutron-LBaaS project is being retired this cycle (and a lot of the patches to accomplish this will land in the next few days).
From a quick code search, it seems the following projects still include neutron-lbaas in their zuul job configs:


For projects on this list, the retirement of neutron-lbaas *will* cause your zuul jobs to fail. Please take action to remove this requirement! It is possible that it is simply an extra unused requirement, but if your project is actually using neutron-lbaas to create loadbalancers, it will be necessary to convert to Octavia.

If you need assistance with this change or have any questions, don't hesitate to stop by #openstack-lbaas on IRC and we can help!

    --Adam Harwell

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