[nova] PTG aligning of nova spec: show-server-numa-topology

yonglihe yongli.he at intel.com
Fri May 10 07:45:46 UTC 2019

Hi,  Everyone

I synced up with Alex about comments we got at PTG.  It's a long 
discussion, I might lost something.

What i got lists below,  fix me:

*  Remove sockets
*  Remove thread_policy

Not sure about following comments:

*  Remove the cpu topology from the proposal?
*  Using the cpu pinning info instead of cpu set?

By apply the suggestion, the API ``GET /servers/{server_id}/topology``  
response gonna to be like this,

and let us align what it should be:

          # overall policy: TOPOLOGY % 'index
                       # Host Numa Node
                       # control by policy TOPOLOGY % 'index:host_info'
                       "host_numa_node": 3,
                       # 0:5 means vcpu 0 pinning to pcpu 5
                       # control by policy TOPOLOGY % 'index:host_info'
                       "cpu_pinning": {0:5, 1:6},
                       "vcpu_set": [0,1,2,3],
                       "siblings": [[0,1],[2,3]],
                       "memory_mb": 1024,
                       "pagesize_kb": 4096,
                       "cores": 2,
                       # one core has at least one thread
                       "threads": 2
                    ], # nodes


https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/nova-ptg-train L334

spec review:

code review:


Yongli He

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