[tripleo] CI RED fyi.. something is causing both overcloud network configuration issues atm

Wesley Hayutin whayutin at redhat.com
Thu May 9 04:22:25 UTC 2019

On Wed, May 8, 2019 at 8:00 PM Wesley Hayutin <whayutin at redhat.com> wrote:

> Seem the jobs go red at midnight May 9th UTC.
> What I'm mainly seeing is the overcloud hang after the ssh keys are
> created, it seems the overcloud nodes do not have network connectivity.
> http://logs.openstack.org/47/657547/5/check/tripleo-ci-centos-7-containers-multinode/af82c9f/logs/undercloud/home/zuul/overcloud_deploy.log.txt.gz
> http://logs.openstack.org/47/657547/5/check/tripleo-ci-centos-7-containers-multinode/af82c9f/logs/subnode-2/var/log/extra/failed_services.txt.gz
> This looks normal eth0, eth1 come up
> http://logs.openstack.org/47/657547/5/check/tripleo-ci-centos-7-containers-multinode/af82c9f/logs/subnode-2/var/log/journal.txt.gz#_May_08_21_42_19
> I'm not 100% if this related to some of the latest patches, or if this
> impacts all jobs atm.
> Looking into it.

AFAICT, the issue is either with a few of the patches submitted or a blip
in infra.
A clean test patch is working w/ multinode-containers and ovb fs001
CI should be green'ish quoting #tripleo

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