Magnum Kubernetes openstack-cloud-controller-manager unable not resolve master node by DNS

Pawel Konczalski pawel.konczalski at
Tue May 7 19:10:54 UTC 2019


i try to deploy a Kubernetes cluster with OpenStack Magnum but the 
openstack-cloud-controller-manager pod fails to resolve the master node 

Does magnum require further parameter to configure the DNS names of the 
master and minions? DNS resolution in the VMs works fine. Currently 
there is no Designate installed in the OpenStack setup.

openstack coe cluster template create kubernetes-cluster-template1 \
   --image Fedora-AtomicHost-29-20190429.0.x86_64 \
   --external-network public \
   --dns-nameserver \
   --master-flavor m1.kubernetes \
   --flavor m1.kubernetes \
   --coe kubernetes \
   --volume-driver cinder \
   --network-driver flannel \
   --docker-volume-size 25

openstack coe cluster create kubernetes-cluster1 \
   --cluster-template kubernetes-cluster-template1 \
   --master-count 1 \
   --node-count 2 \
   --keypair mykey

# kubectl get pods --all-namespaces -o wide
NAMESPACE     NAME                                       READY 
STATUS             RESTARTS   AGE       IP 
NODE                                         NOMINATED NODE
kube-system   coredns-78df4bf8ff-mjp2c                   0/1 
Pending            0          36m       <none> 
<none>                                       <none>
kube-system   heapster-74f98f6489-tgtzl                  0/1 
Pending            0          36m       <none> 
<none>                                       <none>
kube-system   kube-dns-autoscaler-986c49747-wrvz4        0/1 
Pending            0          36m       <none> 
<none>                                       <none>
kube-system   kubernetes-dashboard-54cb7b5997-sk5pj      0/1 
Pending            0          36m       <none> 
<none>                                       <none>
kube-system   openstack-cloud-controller-manager-dgk64   0/1 
CrashLoopBackOff   11         36m       <none> 
kubernetes-cluster1-vulg5fz6hg2n-master-0   <none>

# kubectl -n kube-system logs openstack-cloud-controller-manager-dgk64
Error from server: Get 
dial tcp: lookup kubernetes-cluster1-vulg5fz6hg2n-master-0 on no such host


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