Neutron - Nova cross project topics

Sean Mooney smooney at
Fri May 3 22:19:48 UTC 2019

PTG summary: below is a summary of the section i lead for the cross project
sessions.  hopefully the others can extend this with there sections too.

Topic: Optional NUMA affinity for neutron ports (sean-k-mooney)
Summary: we will model numa affinity of neutron port via a new qos rule type
             that will be applied to the port. neutron will comunicate
the policy to nova
             allowing different policies per interface. the numa
polices will be defined
             in the spec and willl likely just be the ones we support
already today in the
             the pci alias.
AR: sean-k-mooney to write sibling specs for nova and neutron

Topic: track neutron ports in placement.
Summary: nova will create RPs for each SR-IOV PF and apply the nic feature flags
                 and physnet as traits. the RP name will contain the
PF netdev name.
                 neutron l2 agents will add inventoies of ports under
exsiting  agent RPs.
                 this will allow us to track the capsity of each
network backend as well as schdule
                 based on nic feature flag, vnic type and physnets.
details will be worked out in the
                 specs and it will target the U cycle
AR: sean-k-mooney to write sibling specs for nova and neutron for U

Topic: port binding records
Summary: os-vif will be extended to contain new fields to record the
conectiviy type and ml2 driver that bound the vif.
                 each neutron ml2 driver will be modified to add a
serialised os-vif object to the binding responce.
                 the object will be extended to
store the os-vif object.
                 the virt drivers will conditionnall skip calling the
nova vif to os-vif vif object conversion function and fall back to
                 the legacy workflow if not present in the nova vif
object. initially none of the legacy code willl be removed untill
                 all ml2 drivers are updated.
AR: Sean and Rodolfo to update spec and with nova spec for nova
specific changes.

Topic:  boot vms with unaddressed port.
Summary: Agreed we should do this and we should depend on the port
binding records change.
AR: rodlofo to start codeing this up and update the spec.

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