properly sizing openstack controlplane infrastructure

Thomas Goirand zigo at
Thu May 2 16:31:45 UTC 2019

On 5/2/19 4:21 PM, Hartwig Hauschild wrote:
> Am 01.05.2019 schrieb Thomas Goirand:
>> On 4/30/19 5:30 PM, Hartwig Hauschild wrote:
>>> Also: We're currently running Neutron in OVS-DVR-VXLAN-Configuration.
>>> Does that properly scale up and above 50+ nodes
>> It does, that's not the bottleneck.
> Oh, Ok. I've read that OVS-DVR-VXLAN will produce a lot of load on the
> messaging-system, at least if you enable l2-pop and don't run broadcast.

Yes, but that's really not a big problem for a 200+ nodes setup,
especially if you dedicate 3 nodes for messaging.

>> From my experience, 3 heavy control nodes are really enough to handle
>> 200+ compute nodes. Though what you're suggesting (separating db &
>> rabbitmq-server in separate nodes) is a very good idea.
> Ah, cool. Then I'll head that way and see how that works out (and how many
> add-on-services it can take)

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