[manila][glusterfs] on queens error

Goutham Pacha Ravi gouthampravi at gmail.com
Thu Jan 31 19:55:55 UTC 2019

Hi Ignazio,

On Thu, Jan 31, 2019 at 7:31 AM Ignazio Cassano
<ignaziocassano at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello All,
> I installed manila on my queens openstack based on centos 7.
> I configured two servers with glusterfs replocation and ganesha nfs.
> I configured my controllers octavia,conf but when I try to create a share
> the manila scheduler logs reports:
> Failed to schedule create_share: No valid host was found. Failed to find a weighted host, the last executed filter was CapabilitiesFilter.: NoValidHost: No valid host was found. Failed to find a weighted host, the last executed filter was CapabilitiesFilter.
> 2019-01-31 16:07:32.614 159380 INFO manila.message.api [req-241d66b3-8004-410b-b000-c6d2d3536e4a 89f76bc5de5545f381da2c10c7df7f15 59f1f232ce28409593d66d8f6495e434 - - -] Creating message record for request_id = req-241d66b3-8004-410b-b000-c6d2d3536e4a

The scheduler failure points out that you have a mismatch in
expectations (backend capabilities vs share type extra-specs) and
there was no host to schedule your share to. So a few things to check

- What is the share type you're using? Can you list the share type
extra-specs and confirm that the backend (your GlusterFS storage)
capabilities are appropriate with whatever you've set up as
extra-specs ($ manila pool-list --detail)?
- Is your backend operating correctly? You can list the manila
services ($ manila service-list) and see if the backend is both
'enabled' and 'up'. If it isn't, there's a good chance there was a
problem with the driver initialization, please enable debug logging,
and look at the log file for the manila-share service, you might see
why and be able to fix it.

Please be aware that we're on a look out for a maintainer for the
GlusterFS driver for the past few releases. We're open to bug fixes
and maintenance patches, but there is currently no active maintainer
for this driver.

> I did not understand if controllers node must be connected to the network where shares must be exported for virtual machines, so my glusterfs are connected on the management network where openstack controllers are conencted and to the network where virtual machine are connected.
> My manila.conf section for glusterfs section is the following
> [gluster-manila565]
> driver_handles_share_servers = False
> share_driver = manila.share.drivers.glusterfs.GlusterfsShareDriver
> glusterfs_target = root at
> glusterfs_path_to_private_key = /etc/manila/id_rsa
> glusterfs_ganesha_server_username = root
> glusterfs_nfs_server_type = Ganesha
> glusterfs_ganesha_server_ip =
> #glusterfs_servers = root at
> ganesha_config_dir = /etc/ganesha
> PS
> is the network where controlelrs expose endpoint
> is the shared network inside openstack where virtual machines are connected.
> The gluster servers are connected on both.
> Any help, please ?
> Ignazio

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