[all] Is the Denver Summit save?

Jonathan Proulx jon at csail.mit.edu
Tue Jan 29 19:24:58 UTC 2019

I certainly don't have any special knowlege on this topic.

But as an American it seems to me Huawei is the only company
specifically targeted, though there may be reason for concern for
other Chinese companies.  Even in those though only very high level
executives are likely to have coause for cencern.

If you are working for Deutsch Telekom I can't imagine a problem.

If you're working for Huawei unless you have significan influnence
over corporate decision making (in which case you would be asking
corporate lawyers no a mailing list for risk assessment) I also can't
imagine a serious problem at worst they may not issue visas or delay
processing them to effectively but not "officially" deny travel.

These are just my opinions from how I'm reading public news sources so
take it for what it is


On Tue, Jan 29, 2019 at 08:04:33PM +0100, Frank Kloeker wrote:
:Hi Chris,
:not sure. T-Mobile is also a foreign company in the US which conquered many
:market shares.
:Hopefully our name is not on the target list, yet.
:Am 2019-01-29 16:56, schrieb Chris Morgan:
:> Frank, just to clarify, is your question "is it safe for us to go to
:> denver?" i.e. Deutsch Telekom employees, given that the US just made
:> very serious allegations against a fellow open stack contributing
:> telecom company?
:> Chris
:> On Tue, Jan 29, 2019 at 2:56 AM Frank Kloeker <eumel at arcor.de> wrote:
:> > Good morning,
:> > 
:> > just a question, out of curiosity: Is the Denver Summit save? I
:> > mean, we
:> > received a lot of breaking news in the morning, that Huawei is
:> > charged
:> > in court and is doing a lot of bad things (i.e. stolen a robotics
:> > arm).
:> > I don't want to bring in any political discussions. But surely as
:> > you
:> > know, Huawei is one of the top contributor to our Open Source
:> > project.
:> > They work hard and do not need to steal things. Is there any chance
:> > that
:> > one of our friends will be caught next? At the summit between
:> > political
:> > fronts? I feel a little uncomfortable with it.
:> > We are an open community and should clarify this inconsistency.
:> > 
:> > kind regards
:> > 
:> > Frank
:> --
:> Chris Morgan <mihalis68 at gmail.com>

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