Najeh Nafti naftinajeh94 at
Mon Jan 28 13:42:29 UTC 2019

Dear OpenStack Project team,

My name is Najeh Nafti. I am a master degree student from Tunisia North
I'm currently working for a thesis project based on OpenStack, but i didn't
find the need resources that can help me to realize my project.

I would like to request your approval to attend
OpenStack-summit-Denver-2019 with your financial support. This event is a
unique opportunity for me to gain knowledge and insight I need to solve
daily challenges and to help me contribute to the overall goals of my study.

Although I understand there might be financial constraints in sending me to
this event, I believe it will be an investment that results in immediate
and longer term benefits. My objectives in attending this event are:


   To increase knowledge in my discipline area.


   To network with my peers from all over the world to share information,
   learn how they are solving similar problems, and collaborate to find
   innovative approaches.

OpenStack-summit-Denver-2019  would be a valuable experience for me and one
that would benefit my thesis.

Thank you for your consideration.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
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