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Yes, you should check the cloud-init logs of your master. Without having seen them, I would guess a network issue or you have selected for your minion nodes a flavor using swap perhaps ...
So, log files are the first step you could dig into...
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Am 28.01.2019 um 15:34 schrieb Alfredo De Luca <alfredo.deluca at gmail.com <mailto:alfredo.deluca at gmail.com> >:

Hi all.
I finally instaledl successufully openstack ansible (queens) but, after creating a cluster template I create k8s cluster, it stuck on 

kube_masters	b7204f0c-b9d8-4ef2-8f0b-afe4c077d039	OS::Heat::ResourceGroup	16 minutes	Create In Progress	state changedcreate in progress....and after around an hour it says...time out. k8s master seems to be up.....at least as VM. 

any idea? 

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