Why COA exam is being retired?

Jay Bryant jungleboyj at gmail.com
Fri Jan 25 13:57:21 UTC 2019


I got this question from someone else the other day and reached out to 
the Foundation for answers.

The response I got was that they had been providing this to support the 
community in the past but no longer felt it was necessary as other 
companies in the community had started their own offerings.  So, they 
were choosing to remove their COA exam given that there were now good 
alternatives available.

Hope this information helps.




On 1/25/2019 2:19 AM, Alexandros Soumplis wrote:
> That's an interesting question if anyone could elaborate
> On 21/01/2019 14:24, Eduardo Gonzalez wrote:
>> Reading the info in the COA site [0] says the following/"The 
>> OpenStack Foundation is winding down the administration of the COA 
>> exam"./
>> /
>> /
>> Is there any reason for retiring the exam? I've tried to find a 
>> notice in the mailing list but not found anything//at all.
>> [0] https://www.openstack.org/coa/
>> Regards/
>> /
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