[infra][tc] Container images in openstack/ on Docker Hub

James E. Blair corvus at inaugust.com
Wed Jan 23 23:46:01 UTC 2019


As part of the recent infrastructure work described in
we now have the ability to fairly easily support uploading of container
images to the "openstack/" namespace on Docker Hub.  The Infrastructure
team does have an account on Docker Hub with ownership rights to this

It is now fairly simple for us to allow any OpenStack project to upload
to openstack/$short_name.  As a (perhaps unlikely, but simple) example,
Nova could upload images to "openstack/nova", including suffixed images,
such as "openstack/nova-scheduler".

The system that would enable this is described in this proposed change:


I believe it's within the TC's purview to decide whether this should
happen, and if so, what policies should govern it (i.e., what projects
are entitled to upload to openstack/).

It's possible that the status quo where deployment projects upload to
their own namespaces (e.g., loci/) while openstack/ remains empty is
desirable.  However, since we recently gained the technical ability to
handle this, I thought it worth bringing up.

Personally, I don't presently advocate one way or the other.


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