Scuba Diving at the Denver Summit

Monty Taylor mordred at
Wed Jan 23 15:21:17 UTC 2019

Hey everybody!

tl;dr - Let me know if you'd like to go diving in the Rocky Mountains.

Of all of the places we've had a Summit where one might reasonably 
expect there to be a possibility of Scuba Diving, the Denver Summit is 
probably REALLY low on the list.

But it turns out that there is a Dive Shop that does dives at the Denver 
Aquarium [0] (with all the fish and sharks and whatnot) The Denver 
Aquarium is also very close to the Convention Center.

I'm going to see about putting together a private group dive event for 
those of us who think that sounds like a fun idea. Due to 
cross-contamination concerns for the health and safety of the fish, the 
dive shop provides all equipment - so you don't have to bring gear. They 
will allow bringing your own mask - and I'm assuming if a well-scrubbed 
mask is ok then a well-scrubbed dive computer would be ok - but I'll be 
checking with them when I call to arrange things.

If you are Open Water certified and would like to join, please send me a 
response back (reply directly to me rather than the list is fine) so I 
can judge general interest level when talking to the lovely humans.

If you are **NOT** Open Water certified but are thinking to yourself 
"wow, that sounds like fun" - the dive shop does certification dives at 
the aquarium on the weekends. That's a bit out of scope for me to 
arrange, but if you want to show up in Denver early and do an Open Water 
class then join us, that's awesome. You can also get certified at home 
before coming ... but you'll need an Open Water certification to join us.


There is another interesting diving opportunity in the general Mountain 
West area - although not immediately **close** to Denver - that Sandy 
and I are going to be going to before the Summit - Homestead Crater. 
We're arranging to meet a Scuba instructor there to do our second 
Altitude cert dive, and also to do a 2-dive "Hot Springs Diver" 
specialty. We'd be happy to have folks join us.

Homestead Crater [1] is outside of Salt Lake City. It's a hot spring - 
the water is 96F/35.5C and it's also an altitude dive. If people are 
interested, we can meet at the crater on Thursday morning pre-summit, 
dive the crater, then drive to Denver on Friday/Saturday.

** If only a small number of people are interested in any of this - 
we'll likely just do the Denver dives the weekend before during one of 
the normally scheduled dive times instead of arranging a group outing, 
and shift Homestead, if anyone is interested, a few days earlier **

I will not have space enough in my car to get you from the crater to 
Denver, so if you want to fly in to SLC ahead of time and meet there, 

Unlike Denver, the crater will require you have equipment, including 
scuba tanks. For anyone interested in coming, there are dive shops in 
Salt Lake where you can rent gear. There is a dive shop at the crater to 
do air fills.

Anyway - if anyone is interested in some or all of these things, let me 
know this week so I can get a headcount and then we can talk more 
off-list about logistics and figure out how to deal with things for 
people coming from far off (carpools, equipment, etc)


PS. If any of you aren't already using Subsurface for dive logging, I'll 
be happy to help you get set up.


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