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Farhad Sunavala fsbiz at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 22 18:56:30 UTC 2019


I am open to suggestions.We have a need to switch traffic from our project to other projects without first getting out
on the internet, floating IPs, etc.
The other projects will be sharing their networks with our project.As shown in figure below, the orange network belongs to our project (
The green network ( belongs to another project andhas an overlapping network with the red tenant (
For now, the solution is to create VMs in our project and make sure none of the interfaceshaving overlapping CIDRs.  Thus, there is a VM attached to the 'orange' and 'red' netsand another VM attached to the 'orange' and 'green' nets.
Problem: Too much resources (VMs) will need to be created if we have 100 tenants with overlapping networks.
Solution:Is there a way I can minimize VM resource in our project by not allocating a separate VMfor shared networks with overlapping CIDRs?

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