About gitignore policy.

Sean McGinnis sean.mcginnis at gmx.com
Tue Jan 22 14:32:39 UTC 2019

> Then I have started to make patch, to align OpenStack projects with this policy:
> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/632086/
> In nova project the patch was refused, the first reason was we have
> already talk about this subject. The second reason was this policy is
> only for the new projects. Oslo is not a new project and is follow
> this policy.
> I know is not a priority subject, but I just want understand. For me a
> policy must be followed by all projects, to harmonize all, but maybe I
> wrong. For example, in this case, I would to know what is the rules?
> The new projects must follow the policy but not the old ones? In this
> case, what the rules for old projects and can we defined also an
> policy for it? Thanks in advance for your help.
> My best regards

It is somewhat up to each project and the core teams if, when, and how they
want to enforce something like this.

So while it is generally recommended not to put IDE, OS-specific, and other
similar things in the per-project gitignore, there is also no real value added
by going through all existing projects and removing things that are already


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