[Trove] State of the Trove service tenant deployment model

Andy Botting andy at andybotting.com
Mon Jan 21 22:43:17 UTC 2019

Hi Michael,

> Is anyone aware of the current state of the "service tenant" deployment
> model for Trove, and whether it is a viable option; or whether the
> historical method of customer tenants/projects are still the recommended
> approach?
> Any and all comments/thoughts/gotchas would be most appreciated!

We've had it running in production on the Nectar cloud for the last 12
months. The work I did made it upstream, so you should be right to go from
at least Queens.

You'll just need to set something like this in your Trove config:

nova_proxy_admin_user = trove
nova_proxy_admin_pass = <pass>
nova_proxy_admin_tenant_name = trove
remote_nova_client =
remote_cinder_client =
remote_neutron_client =

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