[neutron]How to ease congestion at neutron server nodes?

shubjero shubjero at gmail.com
Fri Jan 18 18:16:46 UTC 2019

Hi Simon and Sean,

What amount of throughput are you able to get through your network nodes?
At what point do you bottleneck north-south traffic and where is the
bottleneck? Can you elaborate more on the multi-queue configuration?

We have 3 controllers where the neutron server/api/L3 agents run and the
active L3 agent for a particular neutron router's will drive the
controllers CPU interrupts through the roof (400k) at which point it begins
to cause instability (failovers) amongst all L3 agents on that controller
node well before we come close to saturating the 40Gbps (4x10Gbps lacp
bond) of available bandwidth to it.
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