[nova][placement][tripleo] Extracted Placement enablement status update #1

Lee Yarwood lyarwood at redhat.com
Wed Jan 16 16:53:43 UTC 2019


This is a brief status progress report on my work to enable the deployment of
the extracted Placement service within TripleO ahead of the extraction check-in
call later today.

tl;dr TripleO isn't ready to switch to an extracted Placement service or for
      code to be removed from openstack/nova.

# RDO (packaging)


This was started at the PTG in Denver and mostly completed some time ago now. I
do however have a single change outstanding that includes the puppet-placement
package as a dependency of puppet-tripleo but aside from that this is complete:

puppet-tripleo: Require puppet-placement

FWIW in the context of the extraction check-in call, both RDO and TripleO are
not ready to deal with the original placement code being deleted from the
openstack/nova project at this point. This will continue to be the case until
the following work is completed to enable deployments using the
extracted project in TripleO.

# Kolla (containers)


The initial Kolla change to produce a placement-api container landed some time
ago after some small delays due to the Stein UCA not being used for the Ubuntu
binary jobs:

Split placement-api from nova

FWIW an additional change to copy across the DB migration script has also been
posted and is pending a package promotion in RDO:

Copy placement database migration script

The above change isn't required by TripleO, I just wanted to highlight that
kolla-ansible are looking to use the script during upgrades.

Unfortunately due various issues with TripleO promotions the TripleO container
for the placement-api was only uploaded yesterday after I manually built it:


# Puppet


The initial and massive puppet-placement cookiecutter change has landed:

Initial cookiecutter run and import from puppet-nova

This is currently only tested on CentOS7 by the following POI or
puppet-openstack-integration change that has itself been stuck behind a raft of
Ubuntu py3 and Stein UCA issues:

placement: Extract the service from Nova

I'm attempting to unblock this by working my way through the following
changes to support py3 and the Stein UCA within the Ubuntu jobs:



Help with these changes from any openstack-puppet Ubuntu users would obviously
be appreciated here!

Finally I'm currently working on the following puppet-tripleo change that makes
this all usable within TripleO itself:

WIP placement: Initial extraction of the Placement service from Nova

# TripleO


On the TripleO front I almost have undercloud deployment completing in a
reproducer environment with various local hacks to workaround changes not
being merged yet. The main tripleo-heat-template change can be found below:

WIP placement: Extract the service from Nova


Obviously there's still a lot to do here but to begin with I'll be focusing on
the following tasks:

- Landing the puppet-openstack-integration and puppet-tripleo changes.
- Moving the tripleo-heat-templates change out of WIP.
- Posting draft upgrade_tasks in a new change using the db migration script.

Hopefully this is of some use to folks in the Placement and TripleO teams!

Lee Yarwood                 A5D1 9385 88CB 7E5F BE64  6618 BCA6 6E33 F672 2D76
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