[oslo][neutron] Neutron Functional Test Failures with oslo.privsep 1.31.0

Doug Hellmann doug at doughellmann.com
Tue Jan 15 12:49:44 UTC 2019

Ben Nemec <openstack at nemebean.com> writes:

> I tried to set up a test environment for this, but I'm having some 
> issues. My local environment is defaulting to python 3, while the gate 
> job appears to have been running under python 2. I'm not sure why it's 
> doing that since the tox env definition doesn't specify python 3 (maybe 
> something to do with https://review.openstack.org/#/c/622415/ ?), but 
> either way I keep running into import issues.
> I'll take another look tomorrow, but in the meantime I'm afraid I 
> haven't made any meaningful progress. :-(

If no version is specified in the tox.ini then tox defaults to the
version of python used to install it.


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