[congress][infra] override-checkout problem

Eric K ekcs.openstack at gmail.com
Fri Jan 11 01:40:39 UTC 2019

The congress-tempest-plugin zuul jobs against stable branches appear
to be working incorrectly. Tests that should fail on stable/rocky (and
indeed fails when triggered by congress patch [1]) are passing when
triggered by congress-tempest-plugin patch [2].

I'd assume it's some kind of zuul misconfiguration in
congress-tempest-plugin [3], but I've so far failed to figure out
what's wrong. Particularly strange is that the job-output appears to
show it checking out the right thing [4].

Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks so much!

The two failing z3 tests should indeed fail because the feature was
not available in rocky. The tests were introduced because for some
reason they pass in the job triggered by a patch in


[3] https://github.com/openstack/congress-tempest-plugin/blob/master/.zuul.yaml#L4

[4] http://logs.openstack.org/51/618951/3/check/congress-devstack-api-mysql-rocky/23c0214/job-output.txt.gz#_2019-01-09_05_18_08_183562
shows congress is checked out to the correct commit at the top of the
stable/rocky branch.

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