Issues setting up a SolidFire node with Cinder

Jay S. Bryant jungleboyj at
Fri Jan 11 00:10:43 UTC 2019


So, the copy is failing because it can't find the volume to copy the 
image into.

I would check the host and container for any iSCSI errors as well as the 
backend.  It appears that something is going wrong when attempting to 
temporarily attach the volume to write the image into it.


On 1/10/2019 7:16 AM, Grant Morley wrote:
> Hi all,
> We are in the process of trying to add a SolidFire storage solution to 
> our existing OpenStack setup and seem to have hit a snag with cinder / 
> iscsi.
> We are trying to create a bootable volume to allow us to launch an 
> instance from it, but we are getting some errors in our cinder-volumes 
> containers that seem to suggest they can't connect to iscsi although 
> the volume seems to create fine on the SolidFire node.
> The command we are running is:
> openstack volume create --image $image-id --size 20 --bootable --type 
> solidfire sf-volume-v12
> The volume seems to create on SolidFire but I then see these errors in 
> the "cinder-volume.log"
> The volume containers can talk to the iscsi VIP on the SolidFire so I 
> am a bit stuck and wondered if anyone had come across any issues before?
> Kind Regards,
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