[dev][Tacker] Implementing Multisite VNFFG

이호찬 ghcks1000 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 10 07:51:25 UTC 2019

Dear Tacker folks,
Hello, I'm interested in implementing multisite VNFFG in Tacker project.
As far as I know, current single Tacker controller can manage multiple Openstack sites (Multisite VIM), but it can create VNFFG in only singlesite, so it can't create VNFFG across multisite. I think if multisite VNFFG is possible, tacker can have more flexibility in managing VNF and VNFFG. 
In the current tacker, networking-sfc driver is used to support VNFFG, and networking-sfc uses port chaining to construct service chain. So, I think extending current port chaining in singleiste to multisite can be one solution.
Is there development process about multisite VNFFG in tacker project? Otherwise, I wonder that tacker is interested in this feature. I want to develop this feature for Tacker project if I can.
Yours sincerely,
Hochan Lee.
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