Ironic ibmc driver for Huawei server

Julia Kreger juliaashleykreger at
Tue Jan 8 18:26:00 UTC 2019

Greetings Qianbiao.NG,

Welcome to Ironic!

The purpose and requirement of Third Party CI is to test drivers are
in working order with the current state of the code in Ironic and help
prevent the community from accidentally breaking an in-tree vendor
driver. Vendors do this by providing one or more physical systems in a
pool of hardware that is managed by a Zuul v3 or Jenkins installation
which installs ironic (typically in a virtual machine), and configures
it to perform a deployment upon the physical bare metal node. Upon
failure or successful completion of the test, the results are posted
back to OpenStack Gerrit.

Ultimately this helps provide the community and the vendor with a
level of assurance in what is released by the ironic community. The
cinder project has a similar policy and I'll email you directly with
the contacts at Huawei that work with the Cinder community, as they
would be familiar with many of the aspects of operating third party

You can find additional information here on the requirement and the
reasoning behind it:

We may also be able to put you in touch with some vendors that have
recently worked on implementing third-party CI. I'm presently
inquiring with others if that will be possible. If you are able to
join Internet Relay Chat, our IRC channel (#openstack-ironic) has
several individual who have experience setting up and maintaining
third-party CI for ironic.



On Tue, Jan 8, 2019 at 8:54 AM xmufive at <sokoban at> wrote:
> Hi julia,
> According to the comment of story<!/story/2004635 >,
> 1. The spec for huawei ibmc drvier has been post here:!/story/2004635 , waiting for review.
> 2. About the third-party CI part, we provide mocked unittests for our driver's code. Not sure what third-party CI works for in this case. What else we should do?
> Thanks
> Qianbiao.NG

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